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Mass Effect 3 (Home)

Nfamous Gamers. Gaming and alternative lifestyle. Straight from our Broken Pixel teams, a new video featuring Mass Effect 3 from BioWare and EA.

Over the last year, the team of Broken Pixels has put together some amazing video game themed rap/hip hop videos. And they have put out some really good ones. But this latest video about Mass Effect 3 is a god damn masterpiece. Damon ScottEsteban Proaño and Amra Ricketts, with guest vocals by Chastity NuyoRiqueña Irizarry, really outdid themselves with this one. Even if you are not a gamer, this song and video rank as fucking amazing.

Today, I am proud to be associated with this remarkable team of artists. Not that I wasn’t proud to be working with them before, but this video, this song is just so amazing, it just hits you right down to the core. The way the lyrics and video are timed with each other… it is simply perfection.


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